Our Story

I am a chef, holistic health coach and most importantly mum to a 3 year old girl. I have been privileged to combine these different ‘hats’ to provide my daughter with real, healthy and yet delicious food. I also have the opportunity to teach Leela about what she is eating, why, and the importance of nutrition whilst she is still young. Her palette is being shaped to appreciate what is right for her mind and body from the outset.

I appreciate that in this era convenience is king, and time is a luxury not all parents have, yet nutritious food is something all parents endeavor to provide their kids with. My hope is for parents to not have to choose between nutrition and convenience and be able to give their children both, the way I have been fortunate enough to give. I want to be able to share what I have learnt over the years so all children can benefit from my experience, the way Leela has.

As a mum, all I want is to help put together the foundation blocks for her to build a happy and healthy life. Teaching her the right values is important, and just as important is giving her the right food: shaping her palette to appreciate real food. Leela helps me stir pancake batter, clean rice or lentils, sprinkle in spices, and - her favourite - decorate cakes. Given the small amount kids her age eat, I need to make sure each morsel packs a serious nutritional punch. This led me to experiment with recipes that are sure fire kiddy pleasers: chicken nuggets, fish fingers, pasta, pizza, cupcakes but filled with organic vegetable or fruit purees and whole grains, and free of refined ingredients, sugar, and chemical additives. I am gratified that it works... most of the time.