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Healthy and fresh food should not be an occasional occurrence, but rather, a way of life. At Leela's lunches, we want to make that happen for our children, and health conscious parents, too. Our products and offerings cover the gamut of meals: from hot or cold school lunches and snacks, nursery ‘in class’ service and wholesome party food (yes, it is possible!).


We deliver freshly prepared healthy (hot and/or cold) lunches, desserts and snacks to nurseries. Our menu is carefully prepared as per your requirements and various dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan and dairy free) are accommodated. The nutritional content of each recipe is shared with the staff and parents at the start of each term. Our health philosophy is as follows:

Our 4 pronged strategy to make every meal

balanced and wholesome

Learn to eat healthy with us

We are passionate about shaping our children to make healthy choices throughout their day, and their lives. We offer an engaging educational curriculum on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle for the children as well as the adults important in their lives such as teachers, parents and domestic help. For children, our international team of illustrators, children’s story writers and educators have developed fun in class exercises and stories through our own animated characters and picture books.

Aim of the programme - Children

  • Fiesty Finn

  • Awesome Omar

  • Lively Leela

  • Nutty Noora

  • Eddie the Egghead

The 4 Cs - Classroom, Cafeteria, Culinary and Community

  • Help kids to recognize whole foods
  • Learn to ask parents to read labels as a matter of course.
  • Gardening herbs and simple veg.
    eg. tomatoes and zucchini in school, in the garden facility or in small urban gardening boxes
  • Composting and education around it
  • Origins of foods, how foods impact bodies and the world around them
  • How to make healthy choices
  • Beginner 'cooking' with emphasis on local foods


  • Curriculum based on 10 mins long stories or episodes each with a specific theme
  • 1 time per week is ideal but frequency to be determined based on your curriculum
  • Homework activities around morals or lessons learnt in the segment
  • Field trips to organic farms to provide real experience
  • Hands on gardening experience

Aim of the programme - Adults

It is crucial to educate the adults important in children’s lives such as parents and teachers, to ensure that children receive a consistent message about healthy living.


  • Explaining the Dirty dozen / clean 15 principles
  • Basics of food labeling and build awareness against food marketing aimed at kids
  • Easy, healthy recipes they can prepare at home for their family, with emphasis on ones that can be prepared with their kids
  • How to prepare local, seasonal foods
  • How to make healthy choices, and where food comes from
  • Differences between factory farmed versus free range and organic meat, poultry and dairy

Parties :

Celebrate milestone events in your children’s lives with us! We offer fun and tasty yet healthy party food for both kids and adults catered to your requirements. Our health philosophy is as follows:

Our 4 pronged strategy to make every meal

balanced and wholesome

We would love to incorporate your chosen theme within the party décor and of course the food itself.

Themes we have prepared in the past include:

  • • Frozen
  • • Star Wars
  • • Pirates
  • • Under the sea
  • • Little mermaid
  • • Princess

Should your required theme be different from this, we would be delighted to work with you to offer a tailored solution for the party, including our extremely popular adult meal and finger food offerings!

Sample menu
# Savoury snacks

  1. Chicken nuggets w/ homemade ketchup
  2. Mac and cheese bites
  3. Crispy mixed root vegetable fries
  4. Mini burgers
  5. Mini pizzas
  6. Mini croissants
  7. Mozarella sticks
  8. Cream cheese & cucumber sandwich
  9. Cheese and tomato sandwich
  10. Chicken and mayo sandwich
  11. Tuna mayo sandwich
  12. Chicken salad sandwich
  13. Labneh sandwich
  14. Pumpkin grilled cheese sandwich

Sample menu
# Sweet snacks

  1. Chocolate cake - with hidden beetroot
  2. Chocolate brownie cake - with hidden zucchini
  3. Baked ice cream cake - with wheat bran and chia seeds
  4. Yellow cake - with yellow squash
  5. Chocolate brownies - with carrot and spinach
  6. Gingerbread spice cake - with broccoli and carrot [More suitable for older children/ adults as it contains various ground spices including cinnamon, cloves, ginger and all spice.


Cupcakes / muffins:
  1. Lemon raspberry cupcakes - with pumpkin, beetroot, and raspberries
  2. Chocolate chip cupcakes - with hidden pumpkin
  3. Apple muffins - with apples, wheat bran and oats
  4. Chocolate cupcakes - with spinach and blueberries


  1. Chocolate chip cookies - with white beans and wheat bran
  2. Chocolate cookies - with oats

Sample menu
# Smoothies / Juices (cold pressed)

  1. Fruit punch
  2. Banana blueberry smoothie
  3. Strawberry vanilla smoothie
  4. Orange cinnamon smoothie
  5. Tropical kale smoothie
  6. Creamy beet smoothie
  7. Activated barley grass green smoothie
  8. Very Berry juice
  9. Mean and Green juice
  10. Sunny mint juice

Sample menu
# Adults

  1. Grain free falafel wrap
  2. Chicken tandoori wrap
  3. Mixed kebab skewers / platter
  4. Warm spinach & egg cheese wrap
  5. Chicken quinoa salad
  6. Halloumi quinoa salad
  7. Mini quiches
  8. Spicy veggie patties
  9. Asian style prawn cakes

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Our 4 pronged strategy to make every meal

balanced and wholesome

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