Vision statement

Leela’s lunches is in the business of shaping the palates of the future generation, towards real and whole foods. We do this smartly, and gradually, by, for instance, adding vegetables to sauces, eliminating additives, preservatives, sugar and refined products, introducing higher proportions of wholegrains and slowly crowding out junk.

We accomplish this alongside fun in class educational activities where children learn what real food is, where it comes from, how to read labels, the importance of fresh, home cooked meals to build their growing brains and bodies and create the cells that will last them through their life.

Brand Values

We believe these are the fundamental values to Leela’s Lunches that we work to on a day-to-day basis that support the success of the business, its customers and all partners.


We offer the highest quality of prepackaged food products. Quality is essential for us to be able to provide the best products to our customers. To do this we hold ourselves fully accountable for our end-to-end process, from selecting the highest quality ingredients to transforming them into something special for your children.


We strive to use local and organic produce wherever possible. We endeavor to use organic produce where feasible to support the environment and reap the health benefits they can provide. Our menus reflect global tastes to match the diverse preferences of our community, but are primarily made up of local produce and ingredients to help us empower the community we live in and give our customers an appreciation for seasonal and naturally bountiful foods.


We promote the health of our stakeholders and the future generation through healthy eating and lifestyle education. Healthy eating is a necessity for a balanced well-being, by providing healthy eating education we inspire and empower our stakeholders to make the best health-supportive, delicious food choices to maximize personal growth and vitality for generations to come.

Environmentally conscious

We believe and actively practice sustainable environmental stewardship. We are committed to acting as responsible stewards within our communities by adopting environmentally sustainable policies and practices. We work with our partners to take into consideration environmental concerns at every stage in our decision making.

Mutual benefit

We create on-going win/win partnerships with our suppliers and customers. We seek supplier partnerships that share our vision and values thus developing mutually beneficial relationships. We have open and honest relationships with all suppliers and customers and work in partnership with them to achieve our education goals.


Respect and promote personal growth of all team members. Our team members are advocates of our brand, it really matters that we give them the greatest possible support to do their work and develop as individuals. We encourage our team members to be proud of their achievements and to put the customers at the heart of everything they do.